Association’s history

The Association Sportive DOJO KUN KARATE CALENZANO born June 24, 2002, founded by Maestro Rombecchi Sandro and other technicians.
The association, although recent enjoys the benefits of a thirty-year history; it is present in the territory of Calenzano since 1977, when it was founded at the time by Maestro Zecchi Stefano, who has passed the “witness” to Maestro Rombecchi.

The Dojo Kun still boasts a large number of paretecipanti members, of all ages, both male and female and practice Shotokan Karate both traditional and sport.

Currently the Dojo participates in numerous events, workshops and competitions at national and international level, and has always managed to bring these events a large number of athletes who have often been able to gather interesting successes.

In September 2014, the fitness center is affiliated with the ETSIA association that is part of the UNIKA federation, until then was affiliated with SKI-I.

In August of 2015 it was founded the DK Dojo Kun Karate Calenzano under the leadership of President Daniel Corsi, who inherits the association and the work continues.